Lasting Suppliers

We buy your coffee from coffee plantations and cooperatives with whom we have built up a relationship of trust over the years. This way we guarantee continuity and quality.

Often these are small and medium-sized suppliers, but we can also deliver larger volumes.

All our suppliers endorse the international standards for a sustainable coffee trade (Codes of Conduct). Most of them, 90 to 95 percent, also supply certified coffee. In this way we contribute to better conditions for people and the environment.

Buying Green Coffee
Coffee Trader Shipping


Controlled transport

The shipment is done according to strict rules that guarantee food safety throughout the entire process. Rucquoy Frères works together with reliable shipping companies for this.

For example, organic certified coffee is kept strictly separate from non-certified coffee.
Packaging in standardized bags guarantees the freshness and preservation of taste. The transport by sea takes place in containers with kraft paper, and sometimes dry bags. We ask to load the containers under deck. This keeps the coffee protected against sea water.

Rucquoy Frères also performs quality checks on the cargo, both before and after the shipment.


Safe Storage

Your coffee is stored in a warehouse dedicated to coffee. Green coffee is very sensitive to climatic conditions. The warehouse is a piece of technical ingenuity.

Features of the warehouse

  • built in concrete
  • self-regulating control of temperature and humidity
  • controlled ventilation
  • UV filters in the light domes to avoid condensation and fading
  • storage in foodgrade bags

Storage is controlled and certified according to the requirements of the New York & London terminal market. Our ISO 22000 certificate also guarantees optimum storage.

Storage green coffee

If you do it right, it will last forever.