Cupping Coffee

Before we buy your coffee, we look for the quality that best meets your requirements.

You want a light coffee? Or something with more body? Do you prefer a floral or nutty taste? Or can it be caramel, even spicy? The taste varieties are endless.

In a cupping session we taste different types and blends with you. You judge the aroma, taste and quality yourself. Together we look for the ideal taste profile.

Green coffee quality control
Green coffee quality controle


Thorough quality control

A first check is done before the shipment. We receive a pre-shipment sample that we subject to different tests. We look at the appearance of the coffee beans (size, color), count the number of defects and we judge the smell and aroma. Finally, we taste the coffee with our entire team. A recognized laboratory in the country of origin also tests the humidity level, among other things. Each subsequent delivery must comply with the approved reference sample.

A second quality check takes place upon arrival in the port of Antwerp. We take samples from every lot. They are tested and tasted again.

The humidity level of the coffee is checked and we carry out OTA tests on a regular basis. Periodically, samples are sent to a laboratory, that is recognized by the government. OTA and pesticides are tested by default, but other analyzes can be carried out on demand.

Read more about the shipment and storage of your coffee.


Customized delivery method

We deliver your coffee as you wish. In bulk, big bags, in a blend, in the original bags or in a customized packaging. The rules for food safety and traceability predominate.


  1. For smaller quantities: you collect your coffee yourself in our storage hall in the harbor.
    You inform us in advance when you come by. We ensure that the warehouse keeper loads your coffee.
  2. You have your coffee delivered by your own transport company.
    You tell us where, when and how your coffee should be delivered. We will contact your transport company and provide the necessary delivery instructions.
  3. You have your coffee delivered by a transport company via Rucquoy Frères.
    You do not have a fixed transport company? We will arrange one for you. Send us your instructions and your coffee arrives at the right place and time.
Green coffee transport


Impeccable handling

Rucquoy Frères arranges all customs formalities. You receive the necessary consignment document and customs clearance to accompany your goods. We strive for maximum transparency.

You will also receive all necessary documents relating to certificates. Do you need anything extra? Feel free to ask. This way you can face audits with confidence and ease.


Purchase and financing

As soon as you place an order, we will search for the best lot. However, we do not just buy from anyone. Our coffee suppliers are plantations and cooperatives with whom we have built up a relationship of trust over the years. Curious about our purchasing policy? (link to purchase)

Rucquoy Frères prefinances your purchase. The rules require that raw coffee is paid when he is shipped from the country of origin. However, you only pay for your delivery if it has been physically delivered to you.

If you do it right, it will last forever.