You are just like us: Someone with a passion for coffee!

That is why we stand for a personal and flexible approach. We are happy to respond to your wishes and do everything to meet your needs.

Urgent delivery? Extra document? We do our very best.


Organic coffee or fair trade?

More than 95 percent of our coffees can be delivered with a certificate of sustainability. Because we believe in it ourselves. Because it lifts the coffee trade to a higher level.

But also our non-certified coffee comes from cooperatives and shippers who esteem the values of sustainable coffee.

Sustainable coffee takes care of

  • The people: better working conditions and fair prices for coffee farmers.
  • The development: access to education, healthcare and economic markets.
  • The planet: ecological management of soil, crops, water, energy and waste.


Rucquoy is the proud holder of the ISO 22000 certificate, since 2010.
This guarantees optimum quality and safety during all steps in the food chain. From cultivation, packaging, transport, storage and delivery.

Certification bodies carry out regular audits on our business management and our coffees. They take samples, check transaction documents, or come and look in our warehouse. For your health and well-being.


Because you know best what your customer prefers, you can taste a cup of coffee with us in advance. Do you have a gourmet audience? Rucquoy specializes in quality coffees.

The freshness plays a big role. We therefore pay the utmost attention to the quality control and storage of your coffee.


We supply you with a fully traceable coffee.

Whether it is a certified coffee, a gourmet or a standard type. You will receive all necessary documentation (link to administration and customs) (origin, sustainability label,…). This way you can look at external audits with confidence.

Best Price

You enjoy a competitive market price. We follow the international coffee price on the New York and London stock exchanges.
This way we deliver the right lot, at the best price, at the right time. This also includes prefinancing. (link to financing)