Green coffee importer since 1919

Green coffee trader

Rucquoy is a importer of green coffee with a focus on sustainable and quality coffee. As a purely Belgian independent family business, we focus on values ​​such as trust and personal contact.
Based in Antwerp, one of the largest coffee ports in the world, we are active on the European coffee market. Our customers are artisan to medium-sized roasters, retailers and coffee bars looking for quality.

As an importer we work a lot with countries from Central and South America. But of course we do have our trading partners in Africa and Asia. It involves a total of around 50 countries. We maintain direct contact with our suppliers on site.

Traceable coffee is a daily reality for us. We therefore attach great importance to certificates that accompany each lot of coffee. They are proof of our respect for people, the environment and a lasting economy here as well as abroad. As a company, we work according to the standards of the ISO 22000 certificate for food safety.

Rucquoy has a passion for coffee. And that since 1919. (link to history)

Our Mission


Supplies sustainable and certified green coffee beans from small- and medium-scale coffee suppliers and reliable cooperatives based on the conviction that companies must take on cooperate and social responsibility.

  • Believes that certification and traceability contributes to more quality and food safety in the coffee trade.
  • Builds sustainable long-term relationships with suppliers, customers and communities with respect and equality as the basis.
  • Strives for transparency both in the internal operations and in the relationship with stakeholders.
  • Offers a personalized service and aimes for an optimal price-quality ratio for the customer.