Green Coffee


Purchase and Financing
As soon as you place an order, we search for the best lot. Our suppliers are trusted plantations and cooperatives. Interested in our purchasing policy?

Rucquoy Frères pre-finances your purchase. Payment for raw coffee is required at the time of shipment in the country of origin, but you only pay upon physical delivery.


Controlled Transport

Shipping follows strict rules ensuring food safety throughout the journey. Rucquoy collaborates with reliable shipping companies.

For example:

  • Organically certified coffee is strictly separated from non-certified coffee.
  • Packaging in standardized bags ensures freshness and flavor preservation.
  • Sea transport is in containers lined with kraft paper, and sometimes dry bags, loaded below deck to protect against seawater.

Rucquoy also conducts quality controls on the cargo, before and after shipping.

Learn more about our quality control.


Safe Storage

Your goods are stored in a warehouse specially designed for coffee storage. Raw coffee is sensitive to climatic conditions, making our storage facility a marvel of technical ingenuity.

Storage Hall Features:

  • Constructed in concrete
  • Self-regulating temperature and humidity control
  • Controlled ventilation
  • UV filters in skylights to prevent condensation and fading
  • Stored in food-grade bags

The storage is controlled and certified according to the New York & London terminal market requirements. Our ISO 22000 certification also ensures optimal storage.