Absolutely Safe

Absolutely Safe

You and your customers demand a 100% traceable product. Coffee drinkers are increasingly interested in authenticity and fairness.

Rucquoy Frères provides coffee with the certification of your choice. Each label has its own rules and codes of conduct, and is monitored by independent certification bodies.

Additionally, Rucquoy Frères has obtained the ISO 22000 certification for food safety. This guarantees quality and safety at every step of the food chain.

ISO 22000

ISO 22000 is an international quality label for food safety, developed by the International Organization for Standardization. The ISO 22000 certificate is awarded to plantations, cooperatives, wholesalers, and coffee roasters that operate according to the prescribed quality standards. Choosing Rucquoy Frères as your supplier for raw coffee is a 100% food-safe, traceable, and high-quality choice.

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European Organic Label

The European organic label is awarded to coffee produced with respect for the natural ecosystem. This means farmers work without harmful pesticides, and coffee processors strictly adhere to regulations regarding chemicals and additives. All rules are established in European legislation. Drinking coffee with this organic label is good for health and the environment.

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Rainforest Alliance Label

Coffee with this label comes from plantations that operate according to sustainable agriculture principles. The Rainforest Alliance aims to preserve biodiversity, protect vulnerable nature, and ensure the well-being of coffee farmers. Drinking coffee with this label helps protect forests and mitigate climate change.

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Fairtrade Label

The Fairtrade label guarantees coffee farmers in the South a fair minimum price for their product. It supports sustainable development as the proceeds are invested in infrastructure, healthcare, and education. Drinking coffee with this label directly contributes to poverty alleviation in coffee-producing countries.

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UTZ Certificate

Coffee with the UTZ certificate supports sustainable agriculture and development opportunities for coffee farmers. The program contributes to better farming techniques, minimal environmental impact, labor rights, housing, and healthcare. Drinking UTZ coffee demonstrates social responsibility for people and the environment.

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USDA Organic Label

The USDA Organic Label is designated for coffee from organic farming. It imposes strict requirements on soil quality and regulates the use of chemical fertilizers, pesticides, and water. The U.S. government is the foundation of this certification. Drinking coffee with this label supports organic production methods.

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